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Sparkling, splendid, Full of expression. The difference in sound.

A beautiful played brilliant upper register is his trademark; baroque music is his love. Thomas Reiner enthralls with his expressive phrasing and his natural yet precise articulation on his trumpet. His ability and talent in the high register enables him to perform a unique repertoire. He combines competence, skill and reliability. Thomas Reiner makes the valves of his instrument dance and lends every piece of music its characteristic radiance.

  • Thomas Reiner was born in Ludwigsburg, Germany in 1969.
  • During his studies at the Universities of Music in Würzburg, Leipzig, and Weimar, his two most influential teachers were professors Helmut Erb and Uwe Komischke.
  • Thomas Reiner is presently active throughout Europe as a soloist, conductor, and university lecturer.
  • His CD recordings are of high standard, proving his mastery of the trumpet.
  • He is highly in demand for oratorio performances and concertizes frequently with his duo partner and organist Frank Oidtmann.
  • His brilliant and yet light tone in the high register range predestines him for performances of J.S. Bach’s redoutable Second Brandeburg Concerto.
  • Thomas Reiner loves to embellish his melodic lines with rich ornamentation, as was expected of a soloist in the Baroque repertoire.

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